To return home entrepreneurs to provide electricity supplier training

the number of returning home entrepreneurs gradually increased, how to provide these people with sufficient entrepreneurial opportunities is an important issue. The easiest way to implement the Internet electricity supplier business, the use of the network to maximize the development of the market.


"mobile phone, how to let the customer see online" and "how to make two-dimensional code, let outsiders see our own agricultural products"…… In February 1st, Tianchang held the home business personnel training, more than 60 students have pulled out a mobile phone to ask the teacher to help. This is the focus of the city for the return of entrepreneurial needs of the crowd held training courses.

there is electricity consciousness, but poor application. This is the reality of the problem of returning home to farmers, and the market terminal, it is the key to success or not. Therefore, the in-depth implementation of the "Tianchang Internet plus" strategy and migrant workers home business together, multi-channel home business training organization, the "Internet plus" as the key content, computer, network, electronic commerce and knowledge of entrepreneurship training, training industry integration, focusing on the training of organic rice, grape, strawberry and mushroom organic vegetables, tea, pork, lamb, chicken ecological poultry sales network and electronic tourism publicity and other aspects of knowledge.

He Xueqin is Tianchang Jin Ji Zhen Cao Miao mountain area known as "home business women". In 2012, she was 45 years old with the accumulation in venture capital, to transfer Caomiao hill slope open tea plantation, breeding chickens. At present, with an annual output of 25 thousand kg, her tea tea in the slaughter of 150 thousand chickens, in 2014, she had registered the "Cao Miao mountain" brand of tea and chicken. Now, she will learn photography skills, computer and online operations as a required course every night. He Xueqin also produced the "Cao Miao mountain" brand of tea and chicken "code", where the guests should sweep.


It is responsible for the employment and training of the

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