Zhang Bo a product oriented Tencent entrepreneurs

entrepreneurship more exciting, even after 70 years of women can not find traces of her face. Zhang Bo, founder of the United States and her career to write her wonderful life, let us work together to understand the charm of women!

1979 was born in the year of the Zhang Bo still looks like a little girl, tall and skinny, it is said that even Bimei spokesman also weight 4 pounds lighter. 6 years of Tencent experience so that Zhang Bo who has a very strong color of the Department of Tencent entrepreneurs. She was greatly influenced by Ma Huateng’s product centric management style and became a product oriented CEO.

from the founder of beauty at the beginning, Zhang Bo is very clear their goals: must depend on the profitability of the electricity supplier. When she started, beauty market competition is not very intense. Do electricity supplier in order to allow the team to live, she is the principle of entrepreneurship is the first chance to live to talk about the future.

the long tail is not only the trend trend of electricity consumption upgrade, special long tail goods also make false cost is relatively high, in ensure genuine have greater advantages than other sell models, deep inventory of the electricity supplier. The discovery of the end of the long tail, the community settled in the people have played an important role.

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