How to do the catering culture Marketing

now there is a saying that the Internet era has matured, the development of the Internet era in the late or to return to the substantive issue, which is the content of the fight, the food and beverage industry in the form of the same. In the rich material today, all kinds of food today are very rich, now the restaurant competition is not only the delicacy competition, more is the cultural aspects of the competition, who can give consumers a better cultural experience, it can capture a large number of loyal consumers, then Xiaobian introduce catering culture marketing.

how to do a good job catering culture marketing

first is the connotation of food culture marketing

catering culture marketing is to make use of cultural strength to achieve the strategic goal of catering enterprises marketing activities, namely in market research, environment prediction, target market and market positioning, product development, pricing, channel selection, promotion, provide services such as marketing process of active cultural penetration, improve the content of culture, the cultural the media and customers and the public to build new community of interests between, with culture to add food products consumption value chain, create product affinity, enhance the overall competitiveness of catering enterprises.

cultural marketing is a profound knowledge of the culture and philosophy of marketing, which fit the background of the times, grasp the pulse of the market. The rapid development of science and technology in today’s world, the prosperity of market economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, food consumption in the psychological and spiritual needs of the proportion is increasing, the grade of consumption is also constantly sublimation; at the same time, the public consumer psychology matures, the diversification of consumer demand, personalized and emotional. In the market environment of intense competition, only by strengthening the cultural marketing, carrying forward the cultural characteristics, forming a rich and colorful differentiation competitive advantage, the catering enterprises can achieve the success of the business.

food and beverage culture is rich in content, the origin of the long, to the use and development of cultural marketing provides a solid foundation and broad space. The integration of cultural products and services catering to show a colorful cultural connotation and the formation of the characteristics of the atmosphere, greatly enhance the added value and competitiveness of products; catering enterprises should actively update business philosophy, using the power of culture marketing strategy, create a good public image, build brand awareness, the formation of competition advantage.

followed by the theme of food culture marketing

in recent years, in the situation around the world and theme restaurants, theme restaurants are through cultural grafting, create one or more cultural themes as a symbol, and to create a dining environment around the theme of food service establishments to provide features. The theme is the central idea embodied in the works of art through the specific artistic image, which reflects the author’s understanding and evaluation of the life depicted

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