Working younger sister boss turned into a miracle

do not want to start a woman man is not a real woman man. "2007 is my life on an inspirational lesson, I became sad after all, small boss from a working girl." Yesterday morning, in the seven way to open jewelry store Chen Lin told reporters that the aftertaste just past 2007, her heart full of joy.

2007 in January 3rd, Chen Lin officially launched its "shop project" out of bank savings, rigged, finally raise enough money to shop. After the renovation of the shop, is preparing for the stock, far away from home in Shenqiu, but his father had a car accident, she had to turn off just renovated shop, with the remaining 20 thousand yuan to return home. Looking at his father seriously injured, had to temporarily put aside their own shop project, Ann to take care of his father.

"father of the disease has improved, has arrived in March, only 6000 yuan of money. In the face of many difficulties, would like to decorate a good store to others, their work to make money."




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