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now domestic service companies to develop a new model has been opened, the future development potential of the industry is unlimited, so much attention to franchisees. If you want to successfully open the company, then you can learn from the process? Many franchisees are not very clear, then look at it together.


/ step method

the budget of the investment: for the process, enterprise name approval (Industrial and Commercial Bureau), office of Sizhang, capital verification report (special police line branch, bank), apply for business license (Industrial and Commercial Bureau), for the organization code certificate (Technical Supervision Bureau), tax registration certificate (tax bureau), open a bank account (bank), apply for invoice (tax bureau) general registered limited liability company, the minimum registered capital of 30 thousand yuan, but there must be two or more than two registered shareholders; and one person limited liability company registered capital of 100 thousand yuan, only one shareholder can. Registration fee according to the registered capital of 0.08% (less than 10 million), more than 10 million yuan with more than part of the share of the collection of more than 0.04%.

How to:

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