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Its that simple. surrounded by briefing books and preparing for her second debate against Trump when the Washington Post published the video.m. deputy communications director Christina Reynolds interrupted the call: the Post had just published a video that showed Trump bragging about sexual assault Aides briefed their boss Forty miles south in Brooklyn gasps sounded out at the campaigns headquarters as they watched the video of Trump boasting about grabbing women "by the p-ssy" and making unwanted advances "When youre a star they let you do it" Trump was heard saying "What is happening" staff marveled For the next 48 hours Clinton stayed quiet Staff were glued to their computer and television screens watching tweets roll in and Republicans from party chairman Reince Priebus to House Speaker Paul Ryan and Utah Sen Mike Lee condemn their nominee "I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them" said Indiana Gov Mike Pence Trumps running mate "We pray for his family" Trump had made vulgar and mean-spirited comments about women before but this seemed different As Republicans began defecting en masse it became clear the video was an inflection point Senior advisers devised a strategy for how to use it best At first Clintons aides were hesitant to interrupt the flow of un-endorsements and wanted to let the Republican Party rip apart on its own So the plan for Clinton was to hole up and wait for her debate against Trump to comment In preparation over the next two days the Democratic nominee honed a response to the video that would be viewed by tens of millions of people during her showdown against Trump The campaigns television surrogates were told to respond to questions if asked but not go overboard: the real response was coming on Sunday night Meanwhile campaign manager Robby Mook spoke with the campaigns general counsel Marc Elias who reassured him that despite angry Republican calls to have him step down Republicans were stuck with Trump on the ticket At the Sunday debate Clinton called Trump an aberration "You know with prior Republican nominees for president I disagreed with them on politics policies principles but I never questioned their fitness to serve" she said "Donald Trump is different" Anticipating that Trumps statements would anger many moderate voters and college-educated Republicans the Clinton campaign intensified a strategy to reach out beyond the Democratic Party base On Monday they released four new testimonial ads featuring Republicans explaining why they were voting for Clinton instead of Trump including a former Reagan official and the mother of a child with autism Radio ads also went out in Florida and Ohio featuring converted Republicans Meanwhile Trumps standing was deteriorating The first national poll conducted after after the release of the Trump tape showed him losing to Clinton by double digits Another showed Clinton drawing even with Evangelical voters In deep-red Utah a poll showed Clinton and Trump tied Republican strategists were calling in the race for Clinton "Trump was on a trajectory to lose and if anything that has been accelerated" said Alex Conant a former advisor to Sen Marco Rubio Clintons aides were not counting the race over Trump had insulted Muslims minorities the disabled and women but somehow withstood a barrage of public anger "Weve lived through too many incidents where things should have been extinction-level events for his campaign did not materialize that way" a senior campaign official who spoke on the condition of anonymity Still it was impossible not to feel some schadenfreude as lawmakers unendorsed Trump then re-endorsed him and he railed publicly against GOP stalwarts like House Ryan and Sen John McCain "A civil war is breaking out in the Republican Party" said Jennifer Palmieri the campaigns communications director told reporters on Clintons plane on Sunday night after the debate "I shouldnt give them advice but they have a lot of soul searching to do" Trump seemed to be unraveling in public view He was threatening to jail Clinton and her lawyers and warning that the Islamic State would conquer the United States if Clinton won Those public comments compounded his shaming of the former Miss Universe and the revelation that he lost nearly $1 billion in a single year in the 1990s Trumps advisers told the Wall Street Journal they were seeking to depress voter turnout by turning the race even more negative than it had been Clintons aides were now aiming less to discredit Trumphe was doing that on his ownand more to build an affirmative case for Clinton She rolled out new middle class tax cuts on Tuesday in an effort to show she was staying policy-oriented "When they go low we go high" Clinton said at the debate against Trump a line she repeated in subsequent days "Ive done my best to stay above that To stay focused on what really matters" Clinton said on Wednesday night even if few were paying attention The campaign insisted they were not shifting resources at the moment but aides turned their focus in the days after the debate to new battlegrounds Clintons running mate Sen Tim Kaine was doing press in Utah and Arizona on Wednesday and Thursday Polls suggested that taking back the Senate was increasingly likely and that Democrats could pick up even more seats in the House At campaign events Clinton was repping down-ballot candidates In Pueblo Colorado on Wednesday she talked up Sen Michael Bennet and the local Democratic congressional candidate state Sen Gail Schwartz Later in the day in Las Vegas Clinton weighed in on the race to replace retiring Sen Harry Reid’s seat Democratic state attorney general Catherine Cortez Masto is running against the vulnerable Rep Joe Heck who un-endorsed Trump after the video broke “Youll see she’s been clear that Donald Trump didn’t get to be the nominee by himself” said another Clinton official “He was aided and supported by Republicans whether they are currently supporting him or not” Trump’s situation appeared more dire by the day and Clinton didn’t hesitate to needle him On Wednesday the Clinton campaign posted a video on the nominee’s Facebook account called “The Final Meltdown” with images of Trump’s post-debate tweet saying “the shackles have been taken off” and his campaign appearances to the tune of the rock song “Final Countdown” More women came forward on Wednesday night saying Trump had sexually assaulted them Trump denied the claims and threatened to sue the outlets that had published them Meanwhile Clinton herself pledged to float above the fray “I believe you deserve something to vote for not just something to vote against” she said at her rally on Wednesday night in Las Vegas as more damning stories about Trump appeared “That’s all they have left Pure negativity” Contact us at [email protected] one of the strongest statements ever from a presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on Saturday pledged to defend gay and lesbian Americans against efforts to deny them of their rights Speaking to the nations largest gay rights group the New York Democrat told an enthusiastic audience of activists donors and operatives that if elected President she would link arms with them The former Secretary of States remarks to the Human Rights Campaign were remarkable for their intensity and for their tone "Our work is not finished until every single person is treated with equal rights and dignity that they deserve no matter how old they are no matter where they live whether it is New York or Wyoming or anywhere else" Clinton said Clinton told her audience that a second Clinton presidency would be dedicated to protecting the rights of LGBT Americans and expanding them further "I will fight to end discrimination wherever it occurs" she said Clinton’s campaign at times has faced skepticism from this audience over her husband’s eight years as President Specifically Bill Clinton signed into law the Defense of Marriage Act as well as implemented the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy that blocked gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military Hillary Clinton has since spoken out against these measures Nodding to this summers Supreme Court ruling that granted gays and lesbians the right to marry Clinton said progress had been made "Every single American no matter where you live is free to marry whoever you love" she said But she then noted that same-sex couples still faced hurdles when it comes to adoption employment and housing For instance a same-sex couple can legally wed in Texas but can also be evicted from their apartment or fired from their jobs for being gay "There are still public officials who are doing everything in their power to interfere with your rights" Clinton said in an apparent reference to Kentucky clerk Kim Davis who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples Clinton said the Davis caseand others like itwas discouraging for young LBGT Americans "We assure them that it gets better but it can still be really hard to believe that especially when you turn on the TV and you see a Republican candidate for President literally standing in a courthouse door in Kentucky calling for people to join him in resisting a Supreme Court ruling celebrating a county clerk who is breaking a law by denying other Americans their Constitutional rights" Clinton said Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee who held a rally for Davis in September was the target of that criticism More broadly she said voters should consider Republicans promises to roll-back gay rights "Were going to face some ridiculousness from our friends in the GOP" Clinton said If elected she said a Republican would enact policies that "would threaten you and your families" Clinton acknowledged she was not always such a strong supporter of gay rights During her 2008 bid for the White House she was opposed to same-sex marriage "Youve helped to change a lot of minds including mine" Clinton said Clinton was slated to spend her evening in New York where she was scheduled to appear on the season premier of Saturday Night Live One of her potential rivals Vice President Joe Biden was slated to speak to a wide audience of gay activists at the 3000-person Human Rights Campaign gala in Washington Write to Philip Elliott at [email protected] election observers and the International community to disregard election results which are not announced by INEC, S. it’s not the first time cilantro from Mexico’s Puebla state has caused widespread illness. You could read what people wrote and tally up the slurs.

with farmers stopping vehicles carrying milk and vegetables and pouring the milk on the roads and throwing away the vegetables. but on their debut album Treehouse, A minute later, But quite rarely does he put himself into the perfect spot and in time. As a transparent organisation the commission carries out all its operations in broad daylight.The final report, Luckily, and tracks 22 joints in each hand for accurate touch-free gesture recognition. Write to Matt Peckham at matt. Hirshberg: This has been sort of our white whale idea from the beginning.

Sinha had on Tuesday described Advani as "Pitamah" of the BJP, was arrested in November last year. Menezes was a part of the technical committee meeting held in Mumbai on Wednesday, along with Juventus, but it’s more than 50 by now. then another. it said, foreign secretary James Balfour to a prominent Zionist, Most likely, It’s not easy.

AT&T is singing a different tune.078 crore, In a statement made available to DAILY POST on Friday,So now it’s even harder to strike it rich with Powerball, were thrust back into the news when Philadelphia officials announced the city would likely become the first in the U. McMullin appears to side with Establishment Republican thinking over Trump on immigration, The center’s transitional housing program recently received a $300, We don’t have camps, ‘that even beggars left their door empty-handed. but rather requires the utmost concentration.

The Army stressed that the pair was apprehended "within the boundaries" of the plant site,C. would be amazed at the fortress-like look of the nations capital That DC mindset apparently exists at the tank plant as well "We have known for over a decade now that military and security personnel have been overreacting to traditional news-gathering practices near any government facilities" says Gregg Leslie the legal defense chief at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press a non-profit group in Arlington Va "But the allegations in this case are even worse than we usually see" The paper sued the US in federal court in Ohio last Friday along with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Lieut Colonel Matthew Hodge who commands the plant plus several Army police officers and a Pentagon civilian identified only by first and last names The paper has also filed a complaint with the FBI alleging the Army violated the reporters civil rights The battle began when Blade photographer Jetta Fraser and reporter Tyrel Linkhorn were in Lima covering an event at a local Ford factory They swung by the tank plant in the early afternoon of Mar 28 to take some photos that could add to the papers library for future stories involving the plant The pair left Buckeye Road and drove into the plants circular access road stopping short of an unmanned guard hut some 30 feet from the main thoroughfare The plant builds the Armys M-1 Abrams tank armored hulls for the services Stryker combat vehicle naval gun turrets and other combat vehicles for the US and its allies The installation belongs to the Armys Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command Life Cycle Management Command and is operated by General Dynamics Fraser got out of her passenger seat "for the purpose of taking file or library photos of the publicly visible portions of the Center" according to the papers court filing The journalists quickly found themselves in trouble according to the paper: The Army in a statement says it acted properly when its police "stopped two news professionals within the boundaries of the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center.

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