Wuhan’s top talent can get 100 million yuan funding

is now in the new social situation, the whole society pay more attention to the intellectuals, and for some of the top talent is also given a lot of different entrepreneurial subsidy measures, social entrepreneurship in Wuhan, top talent can get billion yuan subsidy.

under the new economic normal, standing in the "air Internet plus", when Wuhan decide on what path to follow? Yesterday, the city of Wuhan two high specification meeting, sounded the horn of innovation driven. In the morning meeting of the national innovative city construction mobilization meeting, the Provincial Standing Committee of Wuhan municipal Party committee secretary Ruan Chengfa, will be through the implementation of the "city partner program, let entrepreneurs and investors in Wuhan formed a" community of struggle".

the implementation of the "city partner" top talent highest 100 million yuan subsidy plan

to create the most active "city of angels" 100 million yuan innovation investment fund

in support of entrepreneurship, Wuhan explore the implementation of technology shares after the formation of cash income tax measures, the establishment of 100 million yuan of equity incentive to special funds, to meet the conditions of the team and individual equity incentive, equity subscription, and given to equity stage produced by the individual income tax on behalf of other financial support.

built the most active angel investment in the city of angels, angels, to encourage venture capital, equity investment funds gathered by the municipal finance development, funded the establishment of the fund municipal personnel innovation investment of 100 million yuan, the state-owned capital to absorb, leveraging social capital to provide financing support for business.

construction throughout the city’s public record space completely cancel Small and micro businesses registered threshold

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