How much is the city to join Michelle – fee business

delicious dessert to join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. What about Michelle city? High quality entrepreneurial projects, worthy of our attention and choice. If you to join Michelle city project, is also very seductive, so don’t hesitate!

Michelle bingchenggensis initial fee 100 thousand yuan is enough? In general, a Michelle bard stores shop investment between 5-10 million, the actual investment depends on the city area and the scale of investment and other factors. Different city level, the cost is different. For example, join the fee, the provincial capital city is 26000 yuan, prefecture level city is $20000, the county level city is $16800, the deposit is $15000, the brand management fee of 3600 yuan / year, training fees of $1000, equipment costs about $60000. The only difference is that the Henan area to join the fee, the level of the second tier cities 26000 yuan, prefecture level city of 20000 yuan, a margin of $20000, management fees of $5000 / year, training costs 1000 yuan. It can be seen that join Michelle city 100 thousand yuan is enough.

"Michelle ice city" in August 1997 by a Henan University of Finance and Economics student founder, is currently China’s positioning in the young consumer groups most professional catering services. "Michelle bard" was founded more than and 10 years ago, has always been committed to provide products and services to customers with high quality and low price, value for money, so has been showing a steady and high-speed development of the state. "Michelle ice city" after the rapid development in recent years, has become an important advocates and participants in our country to make the fresh ice cream industry standard, is an important force in China’s tea industry leader team.

"Michelle ice city" in the country has 300 franchisees, radiation in various provinces and cities nationwide, Michelle city is a chain of fresh tea ice cream – based, Michelle city is committed to creating a new chain form, the high quality and low price of fresh and healthy integration, more healthy and more specialty products consumers. Michelle: ice core product fresh ice cream, relying on excellent taste, variety, affordable prices incomparable advantages, has won the favor of consumers, the annual consumption in the top three in the same industry! At present, "Michelle ice" there’s ice cream, milk, juice, coffee, popcorn, nutritious meals and other series, continues the development of new products.

join Michelle city project, open our sweet career? With the advantages of choice, the success of entrepreneurship worthy of our attention. A simple way to join the choice that we choose to join Michelle city main reason. Join Michelle bard, open our sweet business how?

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