What should be paid attention to the display of large store

is different from some brand stores, how to display goods, in fact, have the relevant principles and techniques. For large sale site, due to the time is very short, and the goods and more, in this case, the display also need to pay more attention to matters. So, what should be paid attention to the display of large stores?

a brand has been known for not discounted, even shopping activities, it has never seen it played off, but the stock is increasing every month, how do they do it?

they will annually in January and July, in some city in the selection of a larger traffic shopping malls stocked with a large area, a good entrance, exit, ticket desk, cashier, packaging, temporary warehouse and storage service and other related facilities, shopping malls or provide built-in shelves mobile Nakajima aircraft (also called Longmen), and then make a big sale for 9 days will be. The goods are two years ago, the season goods, sale discount is generally around 70 percent off, from one Saturday to the end of next Sunday, in general, sales are very impressive.


brand of a sale will be selected in a shopping mall in a corner of the 5 floor, the sale market is relatively large, the mall traffic is quite large, but the first two days (Saturday and Sunday) sales performance compared to other similar city is not satisfactory, only the equivalent of the other half of the city. The person in charge of after understanding of the situation, found in this special field are much less than another city of the sale, and the person in charge to the customer’s identity from the first floor to look around, traffic, reach the four floor from a special store, found a very important question: the store instruction signs is not obvious, easy to overlook the customer, do not look carefully to see.

so they do a series of work:

1, made a series of colorful hanging signs, from the store has been extended to the elevator mouth.

2, at the entrance of the XX brand audience 70 percent off signs do exceptionally conspicuous.

3, to communicate with the mall, to increase the propaganda of the mall broadcast.

4, increase the number of employees, to create a crowded neon surround.

a few days after the flow of drama, sales are also higher than another city, after the event, someone asked: "this year, one or two times a large sale, store layout and display to do?"

similar to the situation of large sale, sales are not ideal for 3 reasons, namely:

momentum is not enough to lead to low traffic

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