Hefei’s most popular ten popular string recommended

there is no string of incense shop, dare to say he is a big city? String incense has become the major cities of the essential characteristics of food and beverage chain projects. In the streets of Hefei is also the distribution of many flavors of string incense. Xiaobian take you around Hefei’s ten most popular hot string, we can quickly went to taste the chowhound.

1  Chengdu authentic toilet string

"toilet string" formerly known as "special string", the most open in Chengdu North Shuncheng Street public toilet near, many diners who could not find the place, which are introduced to the next to the toilet, so called "toilet string", after taste only   delicious diners, uploaded to the network, immediately attracted everyone onlookers, many TV stations have come to the interview, "to become Chengdu’s unique One’s reputation was a byword., authentic flavor snacks.

toilet string of delicious, spicy but not dry, not greasy oil, suitable for all ages, this name is Hao heavy, too fierce, but he is perhaps the most attractive place; although there is a saying, next to the toilet is good though not in good taste; delicacy, toilet string, fame in the street, rooted in the hearts of the people, the fragrance in the tip of the tongue in the mouth,

2.  Sichuan Sichuan string

brother casserole

3.  string grandpa


4.  I love every string

A lot of

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