What are the small entrepreneurial projects in rural areas

is the essence of public business: both young and old, regardless of geographical location, regardless of all business bold action as long as you want. 80s is about rural urbanization, people rush into the city. But now the rural development is good, a lot of people choose to go back to rural entrepreneurship. So what do you choose?

Ding porridge based on traditional health porridge, the porridge and then open a new domain industry, using the "rolled porridge production process first launched one hundred taste" Hot pot of porridge". At the same time, Ding porridge will also feature of porridge for the first time into the mainland market, such as slimming beauty porridge, porridge, porridge, Jiannaoyizhi heat down porridge, porridge, liver and lungs, Jieshu summer diet nourishing porridge, porridge series, no don’t have a tripod, Chaojinguangu potential, live in Hong Kong and Taiwan cuisines benchmark brand.

from the beginning of 2005, Zhou Ting Kee is committed to creating a local fast-food chain star brand, the implementation of multi brand, diversification strategy, follow the market consumption and market development trend, around the catering industry, to promote the operation of the market chain management level, the introduction of international advanced "franchise, the entire shop output, full support" the marketing mode, brand awareness is high, mature system, standardized operation, quickly opened the Ding porridge project chain road, 2014, "excellent record Ding porridge to achieve the national market of thousands of stores".

at present, the project to increase the pace of development of 3 new stores every day, the rapid realization of the national market layout. Ding porridge wanted aspiring "Chinese local fast-food chain" management of a person with breadth of vision to join.

Ding porridge which adhere to the traditional classic and non conformist, four series, more than 1000 kinds of products to health porridge as the core, Cantonese pastry, Taiwan snack features, with thousands of delicacy series, including authentic dishes, soup, hot brine, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, baozaifan, Sichuan and Chongqing flavor dishes so, is the chain model of the local fast food China. According to the level of agents can store and local consumption habits, various combinations of shop, Ding porridge headquarters for each agent to tailor the delicacy spectrum, the most abundant product portfolio, providing the most profitable shop program for agents.

small business in rural areas to join the election on the election Ding Ding, make new choices! Get rich new method!

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