Yiwu business

is known to all, Yiwu commodity economy developed, Yiwu businessmen is even worse, in addition to many wealthy businessmen. It can be said that the obligor is a model and role model. So, what are the people who are worthy of our learning and respected? May wish to take a look at the business of Yiwu!

What is the gross margin of

100 root toothpick? 1 cents! A thin straw, how much profit? It’s 5 milli – $8.

"world Straw king" reputation, Zhong Ping, childhood to his 6 brothers and sisters of the most profound memory is hunger. Because the family is too poor, he finished reading the first two days after dropping out of school with his father went to Jiangxi area of chicken feathers for sugar. When he has the opportunity to set up factories, he chose Straw production. In 1994, he rented two houses, bought two machines, and his wife two people do Straw day and night, a day to do a few hundred kilograms, and each Straw only 8 of profits without money. Do this for 3 years, just earned a little money, the financial crisis broke out, a substantial increase in the price of plastic raw materials, many of the straw factory have been diverted, the original of the suction plant has been reduced to a total of three or four home to the factory at the same time. His wife asked Lou Zhongping anxiously: "we also change? This is going to die." Lou Zhong Pingyao his head: "Straw is consumable, need a large number of. As long as the Kaner, must have money."

the same, when you face a small counter of the small commodity market in Yiwu, every day have to wholesale sales toothpick a few tons or even dozens of tons, with 10 tons, which is about 100 million or 1 cents; according to 100 gross profit calculation, the profit will be 10 thousand yuan every day.

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