Have you ever been in business

entrepreneurship is not based on a point that is not to say that you find a right to be successful, but after careful study on your projects, choose one of the most suitable, the most profitable project, but in the process of looking for a lot of people will inadvertently enter and you went to business mistakes?

technology misleading. Whether at home or abroad, entrepreneurs often hear: "my technology is the best, my technology is really the best." But venture capital is not just investment technology, the project is very important in the technical content, but its position is only part of it, as well as marketing, as well as management. Many people ask, "we have the best technology, why don’t you invest?" here, the investor is not to invest but to invest in high growth companies.

now just in the high-tech high growth, so we should choose to invest in high-tech enterprises. The high growth includes many kinds, not only to the science and technology, but also the other value-added ways. In the context of the Internet, many areas of the project is just to find a leader to find the faucet, and then find a good person, but also the money, so you can do a lot of mergers and acquisitions.

ownership misleading. In Chinese people’s minds, there is a kind of complex, do not know how to cooperate and share. This is the "taboo for entrepreneurship". Why do companies in Zhongguancun do not have a little bigger, but also fission, its root lies in the concept of people. The entrepreneurial team must work together to make a big cake.

one entrepreneur has deeply deplore said: "failure is the original shares too heavy, which did not come in, so the enterprise is still a piece of cake." There will always be such or such problems in the entrepreneurial process, as entrepreneurs should continue to learn from other people’s lessons and experience, as far as possible to avoid business mistakes, the greater the chance of success.

misleading capital. Lack of money is a common phenomenon in business circles, bankers are less than billions of positions, entrepreneurs

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