A continuous entrepreneur summed up the experience of the seven Q

2015 "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the wind blowing over in the new 2016, on both sides of the Changjiang River, management policy is to vigorously promote the implementation of. The following is shared by a continuous entrepreneur summed up seven entrepreneurial experience.

experience two: product, users will not find their own home after the product is developed, if you do not do the marketing work, still no one will know your product or company there. Many first-time entrepreneurs often have such a misunderstanding: as long as the product is good enough, the market will naturally recognize their products.   therefore, they spend a lot of their time on every detail of the product. However, after they bring the product to the market, they rarely carry out the relevant marketing activities, just waiting for it to become, or after the completion of the development of this product directly to the next product development. The launch of the product, No one shows any interest in no one use, just waiting for their failure to bad luck. Therefore, if you are in this category of entrepreneurs, you know, your job is not only to develop products, and product promotion, product promotion that nobody will do it for you.

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