Can 10000 open a shop After 80 million female boss million

10000 block for the fast pace of life now, really can not do the market, the last century in 80s, more than ten thousand yuan. 10000 yuan to do what the business, Li Yong Chuai ten thousand yuan of funds into the sea, just a short period of five years, has a store and a net worth of $six. 10000 yuan to do what business, from the beginning of the loss of her shop window, and her business projects are the most common and most intense competition in the apparel, so, Li Jia is how to make the clothing shop of

talent shows itself?

"snail shell" started sixty thousand months

start at the beginning, the limited funds is inevitable. In addition to the rent, Li Jia will spend all of the money to buy clothes from the wholesale market, where other provinces can save. No money to decorate, she found a stack of English newspapers, DIY, paste all the walls. 10000 yuan to do what business, all the upfront investment but $ten thousand. Starting a business means starting a hard life. Li Jia did not quit his job, every morning to get up at five in the wholesale market to buy, hang up after the shop to pay attention to the aunt; after the afternoon of five, aunt off, the end of the work of the re appointment of Li Jia.

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