Eight steps to becoming rich

American Charles · Carlson in the investigation of the 170 American millionaire history later wrote a book called "the truth" became the eight millionaire’s book. Carlson summed up the eight steps to become millionaires:

Second, set goals. The goal is to prepare children for school fees, buy a new home, or retire comfortably before the age of 50. Whatever your goal, make a plan and work hard for it.

Third, to spend the money to buy stocks or funds. "Buy stock can be rich, buy government bonds can only preserve wealth." The common experience of millionaires is: do not believe that gold, precious collections and other things, put your heart on the stock, which is the beginning of the establishment of wealth.

Fourth, millionaire is not because the investment risk in the stock and get rich, most of them only invest in stocks in general, but slow, low risk of money.

fifth, the monthly fixed investment. Make investment a habit. No matter how much the amount of investment, as long as the monthly fixed investment, it is enough to make you more than 2 / 3.

eighth, limit financial risk. Most of them live a very boring life. They don’t like to change jobs, get married once, don’t give birth to a bunch of children, usually don’t move, life is not too many accidents or new, stability is their common characteristics.


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