Foshan South China Sea (Overseas) Students Union for entrepreneurial bypass

foreign students and overseas Chinese, constitute a special force in the current entrepreneurial army. Nanhai District of Foshan brought together a number of returnees force, set up a bridge between the South China Sea area and business overseas, inject new vitality into the management of activities.

"even in Singapore, I am not afraid of loneliness. Because, even if I am overseas, I can find my family." Talked about the experience of studying in Singapore, Dali Man Liu Haoyan said with a smile. Since joining the South China Sea (Overseas) student union Singapore workstation, he often through the network to understand the development and changes of my hometown, hometown Shidishimei answer about study in Singapore consulting.

The roots of

The South China Sea with

students of "home" to

2012, in the promotion of Nanhai District Committee and government support and the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the South China Sea area, the South China Sea (Overseas) student union was formally established, Feng Zhenhua returned from the start that this message, do not hesitate to take the South China Sea station alliance director general, is responsible for returning students to contact the South China sea.

"in Singapore, we have Chinese lessons, but only pay attention to language, almost not involved in culture." July 2013, 22 year old Singaporean girl Huang Qinrong to follow the South China Sea youth camp in the South China Sea, the seventh, the first time to set foot on the land of her hometown so excited. Like Huang Qinrong, more than 30 from Japan, Singapore, Australia, France, Costa Rica to students in the journey "home", and the characteristics of folk customs, delicacy of authentic feelings of home culture.

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