Chengdu sun KEE NVESTMENT stone grilled squid is good

in the daily life in the table is more common seafood dishes are squid, squid practice is very special, so the general cooking squid, squid taste is generally very good. Squid, also known as squid, squid, soft animal head Diplopoda subclass ten wrist head tube sheath squid oegopsida animal. The cone-shaped, pale, with light brown spots, big head, the front has 10 foot contact, the tail end of the triangular form, often in groups cruising in about 20 meters deep in the sea. Squid has rich nutrition, is a very popular category! Remember Chengdu sun stone squid monopolize the market, in the market has a high visibility, Chengdu Shen Shi investment remember squid is good? For this question Xiaobian made the following answer:

first, remember sun stone baked – volcano stone squid will use the number of advertising resources, to convey the most direct information to the target audience, make many consumers know your store, and to your store consumption through your service, to achieve the two consumer customers. To join the business to make money, to join the wealth of dreams.

second, Shen remember stone grilled squid has the following characteristics:

process: volcano stone stone baked squid the healthy stone baked process, not fried, no smoke, fire and smoke on the whole to solve the problem, in the production process and standardized operation mode standard store chain operation, the leading squid industry into a standardized development era.

environmental health: our franchisee shops in the area of more than 15 square meters, can be a good reflection of the store clean, to ensure food hygiene.

products are: continuous innovation, now has six kinds of squid taste, drink and collocation with squid and squid, rice noodle, diversity of products, increase consumer groups.

Nutrition and health:

volcano stone squid using natural drugs baked ore, containing a variety of trace elements, it can effectively increase the mineral content of squid, squid can absorb the smell, harm and filter out the exhaust smoke generated during the roasting.

unique flavor: volcanic baked squid in the production process through the high temperature rock baked, emitting a natural "stone flavor" into the squid, baked out of the characteristics of the volcanic flavor squid".

resource origin: volcanic stone baked squid baked with Argentina squid, squid category is relatively good squid, baked meat elasticity is full, is the development of volcanic rock baked squid procurement standards.

historical advantage: volcanic baked squid originated in Sichuan, Sichuan is the capital of food, there is a "real delicious"

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