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many people want to venture capital, but also want to put into practical action, but can not take the first step. So, how entrepreneurship can be the first step. First of all, you should not consider how much you invest, what to do, what to do. But to accumulate wealth. For entrepreneurs, who are the majority of food and clothing or a lack of ownership, everyone came to this world is his (her) a particular location in waiting for him (her).

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. Confidence in yourself is a prerequisite for entrepreneurs. For primary entrepreneurs to accumulate wealth is the first. This is not only the accumulation of wealth is also a platform for the accumulation of experience, people are not born to be successful. To continue to hone in life. I talk about the accumulation of wealth, but also the most difficult stage of primary entrepreneurs.

you have to force yourself to know and understand and think about things you don’t like and don’t touch. For example, the national and regional policies, this is what you want to know, you do not understand their own national and regional policies, what you talk about entrepreneurship, the most is a little bit of meat and food fishy. For example, if you want to invest in stocks, if you do not know the difference between socialist and capitalist countries, then I can tell you that it is inevitable to hold.

then you consider what to choose stocks, and finally, how do you determine which share the number of shares in circulation, at what price fund follow-up. In fact, the entrepreneur’s thinking is the same, to understand the development trend of the country, you can see more clearly the development of ideas. To use the strategic vision of entrepreneurship.

1. do not be afraid of hard work, when you understand the development of the country and the region you have to do the accumulation of wealth choices, such as: regional and regional economic development gap, the gap between the city and the city, you can accumulate wealth can do.

2. don’t be afraid of shy, had nothing you face is given by others, such as; you know a city economic consumption gap, there is a product in a market gradually fade out of the big city consumer group, the company has a new product to the market, you can choose this kind of product to a poor city.

3. is your personality, to do business to learn to be a man. For a beginner, your personality is your reputation.

4. to make it clear that what is a high consumer cities like. 2.3 city people like to pursue what. High consumption cities across the low consumption of the city, the bottom of the consumer cities around the high consumption city, in two copies. When your wealth accumulated to a certain amount of time you will find that the money you have, ideas, and experience, and interpersonal s have.

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