Chinese customers Hamburg joined what are the advantages of

if you want to invest in a hamburger shop, Xiao Bian recommended for you to buy more than Hamburg brand. Chinese customers more than the main product of the whole wheat burger, delicious fried chicken, Chinese customers more than the main black Fort selection of natural wheat bran black whole wheat ingredients. Moreover, Chinese customers are now grilled hamburgers, grilled burgers, wheat incense overflowing, fresh nutrition, soft bread, golden color, more nutritious and delicious than the general hamburger, once launched on the widely acclaimed!

What are the advantages of the

Chinese burger?

how much more than the cost of the Chinese guest Hamburg is only about 50 thousand. China off more than ordinary hamburger hamburger, which is based on the modern concept of life and the transformation of the product, it is a combination of tasty and healthy nutrition, it contains minerals also contains vitamin rich content, so there are so many Chinese consumers love to eat off many hamburgers. To join the Chinese off Hamburg, will allow you to count the money to soft.

Hua Ke Hamburg join advantages:

1, only one of the characteristics of Hamburg: Chinese multi Hamburg is now grilled whole wheat burger, more nutritious and delicious, breaking the traditional taste of Hamburg, richer and more nutritious, more able to adapt to the contemporary young people’s consumption concept.

2, fast out of time and labor saving: Chinese guests to operate simple, no chef, a quick meal, turn Taiwan fast, make money faster.

3, small investment even greater profit: Chinese customers more than Hamburg is through the product and effective operating cost control, to join the large partners to allow more space.

4, first-class master design enough tide: Chinese guest Hamburg is a world-class design master, personally grasp the pulse of fashion, followed by fashion trends.

5, the advantages of modern management are more: the management of the Chinese multi Hamburg is a modern management mechanism of human nature, the advantages of integrated management system and multi-level management experience.

6, TV cooperation powerful combination: Chinese off Hamburg and major TV to reach a strategic partner, the powerful combination of more competitive

in recent years, Chinese customers continue to grow rapidly, as of now, the company opened in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Anhui, Henan, Sichuan and other places of the restaurant chain, the Xi’an market reached 150, the number of stores exceeded 260, is currently on an average monthly increase of 4-6 the speed of the development of the restaurant. Welcome to join the franchisee, together to create the wealth of the catering industry!

is more than a brief introduction to the Chinese customers to join Hamburg, of course, if you are interested in this Chinese burger to join more interested, please give us below the website

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