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shop business is the real face of the customer needs and service is the customer, so the owner can not from our own perspective, also need to start from the customer’s point of view, this will make the business of the shop is more prosperous, the business scale is bigger and bigger, which can bring to the shopkeepers more generous income.

Wang Ping is a Lijiang Home Furnishing shop owner, in her shop, the best selling goods is a large white cylinder when the cultural revolution, though still the mug mug, the patch or patches, but above the inscription is not all "Chairman Mao", "beauty is not like to bother" Mo "the annual model singles Award" "while playing soy sauce side push ups" and so on popular language of can be found everywhere.

Wang Ping said his customer base is more than 90 and 80. In order to cater to the customer base, Wang Ping created the "shop eight not received" guidelines, and the guidelines posted in front of the counter in front of the door. "Eight do not receive" of language, make people laugh. Is to rely on these novel means, from the opening up to now, all the customers into her shop, almost empty handed.

creative cloning: in recent years, Chongqing street is of drinks shop, can be described as the industry is very competitive pressure, do this line to do a good job, it is not easy. He Ming has just graduated from the opening of the 8 stores.

he found the store decoration fashion, lively, bright primary colors jump, improved the taste of products and packaging, to cater to the young consumer groups and other guests, white-collar fashion taste, and the main customer is young people drink shop. He Ming gave up the street window business form, he believes that the beverage sales affected by climate, weather and other external conditions are very large, every rainy or scorching sun, sales will fall by half. "But not a young couple is like to find a comfortable place to sit for a while, I put them in a comfortable chair, playing melodious music, providing leisure, chat". Is to seize the psychological consumers, Ho Ming drink shops from numerous shops stand out.

for business, many shopkeepers also have their own views, but can not really from the customer’s point of view, this business is how to obtain customer satisfaction, and then to the business is booming? In fact, to cater to customers, it may be said to meet the needs of customers, to seize the hearts of customers, so that customers receive a message – this is what I hope. Since then, the further attraction of goods, business achievements is not difficult.

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