Xining will be the first 500 sets of public rental housing

– 500 sets of public rental housing for the government to buy – how the public to apply for public rental housing special difficulties urgent need to help families

newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yu) according to a number of public rental housing has been built up in the condition, according to public rental management method in our forthcoming, real estate management department recently made public rental with rent for the pilot program, Rui Jing River residential area about 500 units of public rental housing with rent first open.

– 500 units of public rental for the government Repurchase: at present, the city has started construction of 23100 units of public rental, the city level focus on the construction of 10466 units (including four district and student apartments), the individual project has passed the final acceptance for conditions. According to the program, the pilot program with the rent on the main river in the residential area of public rental. The project is located in Nanjing City, Nanjing Road, No. 293, a total of 500 units, through the government to buy back into the public rental. At present, the project has 4 buildings, a total of 288 units have been achieved through the completion of acceptance check the condition of the remaining 212 sets will soon carry out inspection and acceptance.

– the public how to apply for public rental housing, with rent of public rental mainly for our city major project resettlement transition space, part of the public rental for the community, to meet the conditions of the individuals and families with rent. Apply for public rental procedures for the applicant to submit a written application, fill out the application form of public rental housing, family members provide proof of identity, proof of residence, proof of marital status and family income certificates, proof of real estate and other family members need to provide material. Does not meet the requirements of the above conditions, the rental and purchase of affordable housing and other personnel are not allowed to apply for public rental.

– special difficulties in urgent need of assistance: family priority with rent of public rental distribution pilot adhere to fair, just and open principles and the special difficulties of family in need of rescue, the principle of priority, the implementation of "three audits, two publicity after entering the library waiting queue. After the application for rental housing qualifications, in accordance with the notice issued by the four districts and the city public rental housing development and operation management company signed the "Xining public rental housing lease contract".

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