ncrease in the proportion of complaints during the spring festival food and beverage service issues

February 24th, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau "12315" consumer complaints center, February 13th to 24, the center of answering consumer advice and complaints, reports of phone 324, including communications industry of such an increasing proportion, the catering industry outstanding service.

during the Spring Festival, in order to create a safe and harmonious consumption environment, protect the holiday market stability and prosperity, the city’s industrial and commercial system during the festival has formulated strict duty system, established emergency law enforcement teams. Unit leaders personally supervised the work class. "12315" staff adhere to the position, to ensure that the "12315" complaints, the smooth flow of the network and the timely disposal of consumer disputes.

it is understood that during the Spring Festival this year, consumers are mainly reflected in the issue of clothing, communications and catering services in three areas. First, consumers before the holiday shopping, not carefully selected, many people wear new clothes to go out when they found that the clothes are damaged, the model is not appropriate and other issues. The two is the proportion of complaints increased communications industry, consumer spending appears difficult during the festival, the payment will still take a long time to wait for the phone to open. Three food and beverage industry is a prominent problem, with the industrial and commercial departments to strengthen food safety supervision, food and beverage industry in the city food safety has been significantly improved, but poor service attitude.


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