2020 overall ecological environment for the better

In February 1st, reporters from the province’s environmental protection work conference was informed that the "13th Five-Year" period, our province environmental indicators has been clear: by 2020, three out of the province to the river water quality reach the second class above, the Huangshui River water exit section III ratio reached 50%, the main city of PM2.5 concentration control in the country issued within the target, excellent air quality number of days ratio will reach 80% of the contiguous rural environment remediation to achieve full coverage of the province’s ecological environment quality is generally better.

in the prevention of water pollution, the province will focus on the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, Lancang, Heihe river basin with good water conservation, promote the protection of groundwater in the Qaidam inland, to ensure that the three big river water quality remained in the class II above. The Huangshui River pollution prevention and control work, the province will strive to enhance the connectivity, coordinated and integrated water ecological function, Huangshui River exit section of water to achieve stability and continuous improvement to class IV, "13th Five-Year" at the end of class III water quality ratio reached 50%.

in terms of air pollution, "13th Five-Year" period, our province will focus on the comprehensive management of air pollution in two cities of Xining, Haidong will work at the same time, the key to the other state seat of urban expansion. Grasp the comprehensive management of urban dust, strictly control coal to promote coal dust control, to speed up the yellow car and the elimination of old vehicles, fifth stage of implementation of the national vehicle emission standards, encourage Xining ahead of the implementation of the sixth stage of the national standard, promote the oil supporting and upgrading; actively promote the atmospheric pollutant emission of industrial enterprises in full compliance, thermal power, steel, cement, chemical industry, nonferrous metals industry is the key to carry out the comprehensive management of industrial kiln flue gas pollution. This year, Xining, Haidong city two will be completed 200 tons of steam boiler coal gas; Xining, Haidong city two and six, where the main city and state seat towns designated to improve the yellow car limit line area, the completion of the province’s total of 70% remaining yellow car out of the task, but also Xining, Haidong will be the first to carry out the investigation of engineering machinery and other non road mobile machinery and regular testing of pump test; accelerated storage oil tank truck, gasoline, gas station management, before the end of the country V vehicle total supply of gasoline and diesel oil. To ensure that Xining, Haidong city PM2.5 concentration decreased 3%, air quality and excellent rate reached more than 75%, in other states where more than 80% cities and towns.

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