City Traffic Bureau in the first session of the Xining municipal workers skills contest won success

  the first in early January 5, 2011 in Xining city workers skills contest held in Qinghai province for the conference center, traffic bureau sent Li Xiaokang five junior technical staff list.

in Xining City, the first staff occupation skills contest, Xining City Traffic Bureau actively organize subordinate units to participate in the city yunguanchu under the jurisdiction of Qinghai province Haitong Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. of Qinghai Province Transport Group passenger car repair branch and bus company of the Xining South TOYOTA car sales Services Limited Co 28 skilled workers participated in the automobile repair and maintenance electrician professional matches. Their hard work, in this contest courageously, with full enthusiasm and active attitude all the way through, achieved excellent results from the preliminaries to the final steady competition. From Qinghai Haitong automobile trade limited company car repair technology professional and technical workers Li Xiaokang won the champion title; from Qinghai Haitong automobile trade limited company workers Yang Weifeng and Qinghai Automobile Transportation Group Limited bus maintenance branch workers Wang Xiaohu won technology star title; from Xining South TOYOTA automobile sales and Service Co. worker Xue Zhanqiang technical experts title. At the same time, Li Xiaokang, Yang Weifeng, Xue Zhanqiang and Kang Nan Xining TOYOTA Automobile Sales & Service Co. worker Li Haitao four comrades also won the Xining municipal League awarded the title of Xining city youth post expert ". They are just ordinary workers on the front of the traffic, in this contest, their posts, chuangxianzhengyou, with enthusiasm infected everyone around you, through the skills contest this platform, they learn new knowledge, master new skills, new experience, and constantly improve their own quality. They are the traffic system in their youth representatives, promote scientific development, promote social harmony, the service requirements of the masses, in the global system formed a "chuangxianzhengyou good atmosphere than the school, rush, super". Do they put every little bit with the young heart, take a second time to hold on. They use all the learning time to recharge themselves, and strive to become knowledge, professional type of "skilled positions", "excellence vanguard" incentive and drive the transport workers continue to move forward in promoting sound and rapid development of the city’s transportation, first-class success.



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