Financial investment to the dominant industries

Reporters from the city finance office was informed that, in order to effectively activate the vitality of the financial market, to support the development of local economy, the city actively coordinate financial institutions continue to increase our real economy credit efforts, focusing on the advantages of the city industry and green industry development and the development of small and micro enterprises. It is understood that the City Finance Office actively cooperate with the city economic transformation and upgrading work, focusing on the bio pharmaceutical, solar power and other industries, the development of green industry and the construction of key projects, "three agriculture", the development of small and micro enterprises. At the end of June, the banking financial institutions loan balance of RMB 307 billion 948 million yuan, an increase of 34 billion 729 million yuan over the beginning of this year, an increase of 21.95%; the province’s loans loans accounted for 79.78%, accounted for the province to increase the amount of loans increased 75.96% loan. At the same time, the city actively innovative project financing, and constantly improve the scale of social financing. Focus on the city’s key construction projects in the main channels, pay close attention to bank credit at the same time, active and innovative financing way, to explore a variety of ways to promote PPP, private capital investment to expand the scale of direct financing, to support the construction of key projects; at the end of June, the city’s AB projects total financing reached 18 billion 210 million yuan, the actual funds 7 billion 450 million yuan. Among them, the shantytowns and CDB Qinghai branch reached a total of 12 billion 700 million yuan of the original loan system also financing agreement. The construction of urban rail transit in Xining is studying the PPP cooperation mode.  

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