Xining community elderly day care center operation and management approach introduced the key servic

With the increasing number of elderly day care centers in Xining, how to choose the elderly, how can the community day care center run to maximize the benefits? Reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, the "measures" operation and management of Xining city community elderly day care center has issued on the day before, to make provision for community elderly day care center construction standard, function setting and service content, service form, operation management, housing and property facilities.The construction of standard

"procedures" also stipulates that the situation of community elderly day care center in the elderly service demand, the service content and the elderly income free, low compensation service implementation. The implementation of "three charging services" (fixed services, service content, charging standards), three public (public service content, service efficiency, service price and service object; should) or family (Guardian) signed a service agreement (contract), clear responsibilities, rights and obligations of both parties; Center staff is composed of members of community committees, staff, volunteers and other public post hire professional service personnel.

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