Xining regulation of livestock and poultry market does not rest assured that the meat outside the ma

from March to June, Xining city of Commerce, agriculture and animal husbandry, industry and commerce, quality supervision, health, public security and other 6 departments jointly carry out illegal situlanzai disease and mortality of livestock and poultry meat trading, trading and use of illegal clenbuterol. Various departments will investigate and deal with major cases in a timely manner to publish the results, and severely punish the criminals who cause significant consequences.

this special rectification activities are mostly hitting situlanzai, sell dead pigs, meat and poultry disease management Sizai behavior, and prevent disease and avian Sizai meat, meat into the circulation, to prevent the pig breeding process and use of illicit drugs such as Clenbuterol illegal additives. The Department of Commerce for illegal behavior, discovered, investigated and dealt with, report together, implement together, ensure the report dealt with rate of 100%; Department of agriculture and animal husbandry will keep livestock and poultry slaughter and quarantine, slaughter and Quarantine of live pigs to ensure admission rate of 100%; industrial and commercial departments will strictly implement the purchase invoice system and inspection system and take effective measures to ensure the market, supermarket sales of meat of livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises from 100%; quality supervision departments supervise the meat dish processing enterprises in the implementation of purchase invoice system and inspection system, to ensure the processing enterprises to use the meat of livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises from 100%; the health department should perfect the invoice system and inspection system ensure, canteens, catering units use the meat of livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises from 100%; public security departments responsible for situlanzai and sell disease Meat and pig raising, acquisition, slaughtering, processing, marketing involved in the process of clenbuterol criminal activities, according to the law of the people involved in criminal responsibility.

Xining City Department of Commerce report complaints Tel: 6111082.


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