Taipei Xining direct flights two times a week

at 15 am on August 1st, a white and green Airbus A321-200 aircraft, a smooth landing at the Xining Caojiabao Airport apron, tourists from Taiwan island off the plane. So far, Xining to Taipei, the official opening of the direct route.

flying plateau route is somewhat different, as Xining to Taipei route captain, I am honored. It took me 4 hours to fly from a beautiful place to another beautiful place." Said Wu Lihong, the captain of the plane. Xining to Taipei non-stop route is also one of the two sides this year, the new coordination of the opening of the 8 routes. The opening of direct flights to Taiwan, the United States and Qinghai tourism brand in full swing, providing a new platform and opportunities.

"I was the first time to come to Qinghai, the first two years of my son to come back to heel I said Qinghai is beautiful, Qinghai people are very warm, honest. I’ve always wanted to come. I heard that there was a direct flight the other day. It would be a day and a night before I went to the airport, and it only takes 4 hours." A visitor from Taipei said.

according to the Provincial Bureau of exit and Entry Administration of the relevant person in charge, since the August 2010 opening of Taiwan tourism team has so far, the residents of our province issued the approval for mainland residents to Taiwan pass and endorsement of nearly 15 thousand people, Taiwan received nearly 10 thousand passenger trips, the number of immigration in the steady growth. As of now, the existing San Want Hotel Xining Co. Ltd., capxon Electronic Technology (Qinghai) Co., Ltd., Tenfu 27 Taiwanese businessmen to invest in Qinghai, involved in food processing, textile, food service and other fields. 2012, the province’s trade with Taiwan nearly $5 million.

is reported that Xining to Taipei direct flights every Thursday, Sunday to arrange flights. It takes more than four hours to fly from Xining to Taipei. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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