Tender some firecrackers

"A suichu fireworks, energy-saving." The Spring Festival less firecrackers sound as if the taste of less. Both fireworks, firecrackers, the smell is strong, the smell of the air is thick. "Spring Festival is coming, in order to our blue sky, the Spring Festival firecrackers can not put, even if you want to put, we can not put a little, let the sound of a little bit, a little shorter time, so that some tender tender." Even the day, many people call the newspaper to reflect the Spring Festival approaching, the phenomenon of firecrackers in high streets and back lanes increased, both air pollution and the impact of the city, there are security risks, seriously affected the city pollution and a city, not recommended or put firecrackers less. So, in the face of hard won pollution control results, between the blue sky and gray, the last thousand years of fireworks and firecrackers in the end should not continue in the face of trade-offs, how would you choose?

"New Year firecrackers this is an old custom, but in recent years, the air quality is worrying. Through a period of governance, the city’s air quality has been effectively improved, the number of days the people have a blue sky increased. I think it should be based on the actual weather conditions, air quality is recommended to reduce or prohibit the setting off firecrackers." Mr. Su said the public. Ms. Zhao said, firecrackers less can not only reduce the air pollution, also let the noise, fire and explosion accidents from each side, "the children I have to worry about the danger of firecrackers, the rest of the debris clean up too much, or less put some good."

firecrackers so that the city and the people are very hurt

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