Win difficult workers to overcome difficulties

recently, the Provincial Federation of trade unions held a forum on work out difficult worker difficulties will be deployed, the meeting to convey to learn the national union rights protection work spirit, group discussion "on the difficulties workers win battle plan" out of predicament "on the difficulties workers helping families to carry out the daily life of the" detailed rules "on the illness difficult for workers to carry out medical relief implementation details." "on the difficult children of employees during the university student and will help to carry out the whole industry can help to carry out detailed rules", and the removal of trapped work plan and concrete measures, there are difficulties to conduct exchanges and discussions on the difficulties workers problems.

Union asked the province’s trade unions at all levels should further unify the understanding, strengthen confidence, to overcome difficulties workers rescue work as the implementation of the central and provincial requirements, the implementation of the arrangements for the deployment, a major political task of the masses of workers to carry out the service, as an important carrier of "two a" learning education, a really good job, catch effect; to further find out the base, grasp the truth, to the difficulties workers family situation caused by the storm, clear, clear reason and demand, for the further implementation of the "group of five" measures out of predicament and lay a solid foundation; to further promote the innovation of local conditions, and always adhere to the problem oriented, adhere to reform and innovation, and actively explore the difficulties the new method measures out of difficulties, to solve new problems in the work; further experience and good convergence, strengthen Coordinate with all departments and units to strengthen the internal communication and integration of the trade unions, integrate resources, and resolutely win the difficulties of workers to overcome difficulties.


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