Public school fees to accept social supervision

on the morning of February 27th, the Xining City Bureau of Education held in the spring of 2013, the opening of the working meeting, the spring of the school teachers and students to report, curriculum, campus security and charges to make detailed arrangements.

Director of

City District Education Bureau Xu Jie, belonged to the schools around the "standard + characteristics" of the concept of educational development plan of the school development, the school should establish a scientific concept of education, individual development must comply with the requirements of teachers and students; schools should clearly vigorously promote education philosophy; in the school’s work should be deeply internalized School of philosophy, and into Teachers’ beliefs; at the same time, requiring schools on campus greening, landscaping, create a strong atmosphere of the new semester, timely public policy, charging fees and charges, shall not be any reason to raise fees, fees, fees to expand the scope, and accept the parents of the students and social supervision. (author: Chen Jun)

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