Xining procuratorial organs to establish law enforcement risk assessment and early warning mechanism

February 15th, the Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate held a law enforcement investigators risk assessment and early warning conference, which is the first time in our province.

meeting requirements, Xining prosecutors to strengthen leadership, a clear assessment of the scope. The establishment of lead agency in charge of risk assessment and warning, attorney, department heads, handling the case as a risk assessment, to prevent and resolve the responsibility of work, according to the process of handling responsibilities and cases where the requirements of particular responsibility. Make not filing, not to approve the arrest and prosecution of cases decided to petition, risk assessment, for possible inspection petition, petition, timely development of risk mitigation solutions, and resolutely to resolve conflicts throughout the whole process of law enforcement investigators. Two to achieve diversified convergence, a clear assessment of the scope of early warning. The 27 aspects of the law enforcement decision investigation and supervision, prosecution, crime investigation, procuratorial supervision, civil and administrative prosecution, criminal appeals procuratorial technical identification of the 7 business units included in the scope of risk assessment and early warning. Will be involved in the Petition Petition risk assessment level is divided into three levels, the law enforcement case warning set to red, orange, blue, three levels of management. Three to fully understand the importance and necessity of the procuratorial organ law enforcement risk assessment, in accordance with the "one way, two standards, three principles, four requirements to establish the handling risk assessment mechanism, standardized assessment procedures, highlighting the evaluation points, refine the evaluation criteria, a clear assessment of responsibility, to prevent and resolve the contradictions and problems may lead to law enforcement investigators, reduce the petition and unstable factors from the source. Four according to the new tasks and new characteristics of kongshen work, broaden the work of thinking, to solve the problem in the first place, take the tour, with the receivers, reception day, liberating about liberating leadership package case, risk assessment, accountability and effective methods, give full play to kongshen the functions of the attorney. "Case, node man and the rest sues visits" as the goal, to promote innovation and development of procuratorial work comprehensive kongshen. Fifth, the city’s procuratorial organs to serve the people and enhance the ability of people to work in special activities as an opportunity to seriously implement the petition work mechanism and the first responsibility of people, the problem of the masses, listen patiently and carefully inquired, love one another, enthusiastic help, to do "a smile, a a cup of hot tea seat, a sincere service, a warm words to send", improve service consciousness of the masses, to enhance the credibility of law enforcement investigators, prosecutors and police officers to resolve the contradiction between the high potency, mass work persuasion and supervision with the expressive power of cohesion, language, convenient to the demands of the masses, and promote social harmony.


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