You know, the provincial capital PM2.5 down

April 1st morning, Xining ushered in a long lost rain. This spring rain, so that the air quality in Xining has improved significantly. Monitoring data show that in April 1st 5, the Xining air quality index fell to 60, the air quality monitoring stations PM2.5 concentration decreased rapidly.

just past March, affected by dust weather, air quality monitoring stations in Xining air quality index was up to 500. From March 9th to March 15th, Xining 7 consecutive days of Sandstorm in the invasion, under the jurisdiction of the primary pollutant PM10 air quality monitoring project index of the 4 national air quality monitoring sites all reached 500 scale limits. This time, Xining’s air quality index is high, in addition to the urban construction site did not take corresponding measures for dust cover and others factors, since this spring, Xining and the surrounding areas of the lack of effective precipitation, resulting in dust weather frequently "visit" Xining.

with a rain in the early morning of April 1st, Xining air quality gradually improved. Monitoring data show that from March 31st to 19, the Xining air quality index gradually showed a downward trend, to 5 in April 1st dropped to 60, PM2.5 concentration of between $50 micrograms per cubic meter. Reporters view the relevant data found that over the past few days, Xining air quality index has been hovering between 100 to 300, the lowest point in the past few days is 60. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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