Xining motor vehicle ownership broken 300 thousand

  living in the urban area of the car advocate Mr., almost every night home will encounter no parking spaces can be embarrassing. In February 28th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau vehicle administration to understand, more and more car owners have encountered a hard to find, and not hinder the enthusiasm of Xining people Car Buying, 2013 years two months, Xining motor vehicle ownership in the firecrackers sound, soared to 11204 vehicles, breaking 300 thousand mark to 300442 vehicles! In February 28th, the reporter came to Xining City Public Security Bureau vehicle, saw the hall waiting for the vehicle to settle the formalities of the public really a lot, Mr. Wang has just bought a new Fawkes, he happily to their car to pick a favorite. Staff are busy on their respective posts, input. From a job, came to settle on the masses on a stream, we did not idle moment." One day while the police, while told reporters. Chai Xinmin, director of Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, introduced in December 25, 2012 statistics show that the number of motor vehicles in Xining reached 290647, the annual increase of new vehicles by 48060. "We want to break the 300 thousand mark of motor vehicle ownership, how to have to have 35 months, I did not expect to use the time of two months, the growth rate is amazing." In order to meet the public demand set up procedures, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau under the jurisdiction of the DMV take to the three county vehicle administration department store directly, 4S registration and other convenience initiatives to ease the pressure distributing and the convenience of the public as soon as possible. According to reports, more than 30 vehicles, accounting for 25% of the proportion of buses, private cars accounted for up to 75%. In the new motor vehicles, the proportion of private cars is even higher, close to 90%. Purchase of the army, in addition to the people of Xining, there are many foreigners who come to invest in Xining, reflecting the excellent investment environment in Xining, attracting outsiders to settle down in Xining. In addition, Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three people’s ability to buy a car blowout, only in February, the purchase of small cars in Huangzhong 579, chase purchased more than 436, Huangyuan purchase of vehicles. Surge to the car tide, will give Xining traffic management, parking and other enormous pressure. Only everyone obey the law, civilized driving, orderly parking, in order to enjoy the pleasure and convenience of driving experience. (author: Wen Ling)

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