Three departments jointly manage property intermediary

To rectify and standardize the order of real estate intermediary market in our province, strengthen supervision and management of real estate agency recently, Provincial Department of housing and urban construction combined with the provincial development and Reform Commission, provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau 3 departments joint action, special treatment of the real estate market. It is understood that the special rectification activities for a period of 1 months, the focus will seriously deal with the real estate agency and brokerage personnel illegal acts: publishing false information, rumors, rumors and speculation pass false information to mislead the consumer behavior; inducing, abetting, assisting purchase through forgery proof materials, cheat or fraud the housing provident fund, to avoid credit limit behavior; internal subscription or hire up the manufacture and sale of false exuberant atmosphere and through the housing speculation of illegal profiteering behavior; violation of the relevant provisions, unauthorized change housing structure and low income split rent expensive leased price behavior; did not fulfill the obligation in writing, the mandatory provision of loan and guarantee service agency and an additional fee behavior; disclosure, sale or improper use of the client’s personal information, to seek illegitimate benefits Beneficial behavior. In addition, the illegal behavior of the price, the three departments will be strictly investigated did not strictly enforce the system of price tag, not only for services and collusion, price fraud and other charges for the use of false behavior, regulate the real estate industry service market price order.  

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