Let the intangible cultural heritage of Xining Shehuo flavor.

today, traditional festivals more and more projects were included in the intangible cultural heritage protection list, the Xining fire gradually changed in the past, the old actor props enthusiasm not higher embarrassing situation. The city’s districts and counties were included in the non fire project to protect intangible cultural heritage list, highlights and ornamental increased gradually, become the people most love to see the most exciting performances, the highlight of each year, people can reach hundreds of thousands of people watch.

it is understood that the three counties and four districts of the city has a large number of unique folk art, which is deeply rooted in the folk art of dazzling light radiation, continuous art form, to meet the cultural needs of the masses in the festival. The sound of the gongs and drums to knock up, the enthusiasm of Yangko twist…… In the county of Huangyuan, the traditional festivals began staged a multitude of names, dragon and lion dance, eight singles, Lahua sister, Lohan revealed some ancient Qiang legacy. The intangible cultural heritage protection list of the ancient city of the Forbidden City lights, is the highlight of the annual Spring Festival in the county, attracting more and more foreign tourists. In contrast, Datong Shehuo heritage has a long history, wide scale, which embodies the wisdom of the folk artists, zhangdeng umbrella lamp, lamps, lamp, lamp and rolling gossip and other traditional programs at the basket, chase Shehuo Gourmet culture, more traditional. Huangzhong 1000 camp tower since into the non heritage protection list, the villagers show unprecedented enthusiasm, performances by peasants constantly innovation wisdom, its visibility and influence continues to expand, now has become a famous fire project, and even to some places in the mainland show, become the finale in me all Shehuo performances.

on the basis of this, in recent years, the city has gradually increased the protection of some traditional Shehuo projects and support, and will focus on some of the unique fire project declaration for the intangible cultural heritage, and every country will also have the geographical and cultural characteristics of the Shehuo projects as the finale to showcase the traditional these resources have been mining fire project, its performances degree has been continuously improved, has become the most attractive performances every year Shehuo project. Reporter Ge Wenrong


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