Masses of Arts and culture to promote harmony

50 performances, more than 100 grassroots actors involved, nearly ten thousand people from all walks of life to watch…… Sponsored by the Provincial Cultural Museum and the Xining city district government, Xining City West District publicity department, West District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism, the West District Cultural Center and other units of the "elegant art of thousands of cultural Huimin promote harmony" as the theme of the third session of elegant art "into five" and the "cultural feast project the cultural Huimin" series of activities come to an end.

in this the largest and most extensive coverage, the number of people participating in the most grass-roots cultural activities, one full of rich flavor of life and local characteristics, represents the aspirations of the people of the masses of literary and artistic works, a warm, interesting and elegant cultural lectures and art training, to meet the people’s spiritual and cultural needs and promote the construction of the west area of public cultural service system, the expression of the people of all nationalities in our province to the motherland, the hometown of infinite love, show our province grassroots mass culture to meet the "13th Five-Year" development and prosperity of joy.

in sunning Plaza, a Qinghai folk song "Hehuang Teana", attracted many residents and nearby construction workers watch;

in Pengjia village, Tu dance "flower stick dance" bustling, thriving, opened the show off, let the villagers laugh, eyes……

this is just a microcosm of a lens, third elegant art "into five" and the "cultural feast of cultural Huimin project" series of activities. Third elegant art "in the" and "cultural feast of the project of cultural Huimin" series of activities of the cultural colorful, diverse forms, singing a new era, cutting new life become the main theme of the activities of the five. It is the cultural center and the province, Xining City West District government to improve the public cultural service system, improve the public culture supply capacity and service level, accelerate the pace of the construction of a concrete manifestation of the cultural province ". They make full use of cultural resources to actively into the community, barracks, campus, construction sites, rural areas, "the masses, the masses of people watching the performance, creation, through the brilliant cultural Huimin performances, to build the brand of cultural activities, and strive to achieve the" public cultural services of public welfare, basic, equal and convenient "let the masses more love, happy life, to achieve leapfrog economic development and all-round social progress and create a healthy cultural atmosphere.

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