Focus on the clean food exhibition exhibition colorful tea fragrance

May Day holiday, clean food exhibition popular heyday. Xining City South International Convention and Exhibition Center in the crowd, people enjoy a leisurely holiday, but also feel the increasingly prosperous plateau exhibition economy.

bursts of fragrance floated, the exhibition hall in Shaanxi, Fu Tak food and Beverage Co., Ltd., the production of new tea leaves many people smell stop. Do you have sweet tea?" "I’m going to taste salty!" "Have you got any new products on the market?"…… The crowd was so busy with the sales staff. The reporter also took a small squeeze in sample. A mouthful of drink, a sweet tea flavor in the mouth, the heart filled. "What is your product sales in Qinghai?" Reporter asked. "We are a hundred years old, has been good sales in Qinghai, has annual sales growth, people are happy with the de Fuxiang products, business promotion department manager Li Hongguang cheerfully side edge to answer a reporter’s question about.

According to Li Jingli

, the enterprise is in Shaanxi Province, organized by CCPIT exhibition. He said that every time he came to Qinghai, came to the Qing food exhibition, there are new feelings and harvest. Although the Qing food exhibition held time is not long, but the level of the show, grade and influence are increasing year by year, which allows all exhibitors participating companies can use this platform to achieve greater harvest. Asked the main purpose of the company to participate in the exhibition, Li Hongguang said, is to take advantage of the exhibition to expand the market to seek cooperation. He said that we are in the promotion of new products, the consolidation of old customers at the same time, so that more people can understand the "Fu Xiang Xiang", and the opportunity to find more dealers. When I asked him to clean food exhibition some valuable advice to help us find the problem so as to further enhance the level, he said, any one of the exhibition in the development process will have many drawbacks, clean food exhibition in recent years of continuous improvement, brand expansion, has been towards more high level international and professional exhibition, hope in the future to further increase in the hardware facilities and services, management, become Qinghai halal industry out of the province, to the world’s brilliant stage, also provide more opportunities for win-win better for domestic and foreign halal enterprises. (author: Lina)

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