City ndustrial and commercial bureau of the East Branch of 12315 consumer rights norms

comprehensive and in-depth promotion of 12315 consumer rights service station, into the work of the East branch from July 20th to August 2nd in the global scope to carry out the work of the 12315 consumer rights norms to improve work.
the work focused on the area of the 12315 consumer rights service station construction are not comprehensive, service station staff is equipped with not neat, work not high quality standard and improve. One is from the complete staff and start to carry out education and training, and constantly improve the staff wholeheartedly for the consumer rights service consciousness, the jurisdiction of the 12315 consumer rights service station staff were focused on training, the total of 2 training courses, training staff of 96 people, and to learn the "Consumer Protection Law", "product quality law", "food safety law" and other laws and regulations knowledge. The two is to establish a working system as the basis, establish and improve the purchase inspection, substandard goods delisting, commodity quality commitment system, standard of acceptance and handling of complaints and complaints procedures, timely answer consumer advice, accept consumer rights cases timely, regular statistics, summary, report to the service station to carry out the work. At present, the branch in the jurisdiction of the establishment of a total of 12315 consumer rights service station, the listing of the 18 in the hotel rooms, small restaurants, restaurants, beauty salons and other places of service set up 12315 warning signs 124. Three is to adhere to local conditions and focused combination, combined with the actual area, based on the scope of rights service station and standards on the area of business visits, publicity and relevant regulations on the quality of goods and services, operators propaganda quality responsibility and self-discipline, and focus and operators face the communication and contact the Bureau of industry and commerce what were the "comprehensive work" and "law enforcement", "food safety supervision" and "service enterprise development" as the theme, held 3 times and open day "activities, invite area business representatives of more than 50 people in the discussion exchange, sincerely listen to the deputies of the business sector’s opinions and suggestions, let listen to the voice of the consumer business operators, the exchange between dealing with disputes experience, enables the operator to correct business philosophy, integrity management, mutual learning method, Enhance the operators of legal standard management consciousness, the 12315 consumer rights service station become the business sector to listen to the voice of the platform, the flow of public opinion.


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