Financial assistance to the proposal to resolve the implementation of the Department

The National People’s Congress put forward opinions and suggestions to implement the project, our specialized financial capital investment, and comprehensively promote the city’s representative suggested for, effectively enhance the people’s Congress proposed the resolution, many people urgently need to solve the problem so that it can solve. The opinions and suggestions of the people’s Congress this year are still listed in the budget arrangements. This reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau in August 13th.

by the financial sector statistics, the four session of the fifteen National People’s Congress submitted by the municipal government in 2013, representing 114 recommendations, on behalf of recommendations, the municipal government has invested 850 million yuan of financial funds, the effective protection of the representative opinions and suggestions for the effectiveness of. Among them, in 2013 the year to solve and the basic solution of 74, accounting for 65%; was adopted and included in the plan, the gradual resolution of the 21, accounting for 18.4%. Many of the difficulties and problems that the masses of the people’s Congress put forward to solve are solved in time. In 2014 the city’s fifteen session of the five meeting of the municipal government to submit opinions and suggestions 115, capital requirements are proposed to be involved in has been included in the budget for the rest of the opinions and suggestions, the financial sector will be resolved through next year, included in the plan for a higher level of special funds, the use of general reserve funds etc..  

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