After the implementation of the new deal, leave maternity leave days the people still need to be p

With the newly revised "population and family planning law," the implementation of a comprehensive two child policy officially landed. From January 1st onwards, the implementation of a comprehensive two child policy. In the interest of all two children at the same time, marriage leave maternity leave time by many people concerned. As of January 17th, a number of provinces and cities the newly revised local regulations promulgated, for our province marriage maternity leave is long, the reporter learned from relevant departments, the specific time to wait for a local Ordinance to amend after work to be published.

see so many provinces have been clear off a long maternity leave, a citizen in our province, the upcoming wedding a little anxious. He dropped a letter to the mayor’s mailbox, mentioned in the letter, he will get married in late January, because the hometown in the province, far away, 3 days of marriage is not enough. Now, he took out the unit should not cancel false news for him to marry accurate fake, which makes him very embarrassed. A few days later, the people get a reply: new late marriage policy in Qinghai province was passed, according to the previous policy implementation. Like the Hugh not worry about their marriage like citizens in our province, many unmarried young people also fear their own can not enjoy the ten days of marriage.Provisions of the current implementation of

I province population and family planning regulations, working personnel of the state, enterprises and institutions, practitioners of marriage, marriage and childbearing increased 15; women increase maternity leave 30 days, their spouses enjoy 10 day care leave.

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