Harvesting of agricultural machinery to ensure that the fall of wheat particles to warehouse

The city has entered the autumn harvest season. On the afternoon of August 18th, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen went to Huangzhong to check the work of agricultural mechanization harvest, and the farmers concerned about the autumn harvest convenience measures, mechanized harvesting, grain purchase price and other issues to make specific arrangements.

gold Jiuchen successively came to Huangzhong County, village, Tian Jia Zhai Zhen Mao er Cun Li Jia Tai Cun harvest scene, carefully check the grain harvest, asked in detail about the distribution of reserves and agricultural grain harvest situation. See the heavy wheat pressure over the branches, the harvester rumble in the field busy, gold Jiuchen delighted. He asked the relevant regions and departments must carry out agricultural supply services, strengthen agricultural transportation work, take various measures to convenience for farmers to harvest food; supply and marketing departments should actively strive for the relevant subsidies in place, to ensure the stability of grain prices, to prevent the phenomenon of price hikes. Jin Jiuchen stressed that walking mechanization is the base of the agricultural development, should actively promote the technology of mechanical harvesting, to promote agricultural technology as the starting point, the full implementation of the policy of agricultural subsidies, to promote Huangzhong County Agricultural mechanization.It is reported that

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