Northern cultural tourism attracts 300 thousand visitors

Shade surrounded by flowers, a farmhouse well-proportioned, experience folk customs, mining farm vegetables, rice farm goods, farm Kang sleep…… In the north area of Xiang Qu Yuan, the tourists played awfully. At the end of June, the North District take measures to enhance tourism competitiveness, domestic tourists 302 thousand and 300 passengers, an increase of 22%, tourism revenue 280 million yuan. In midsummer season, North District Baoziwan Ecological Sightseeing Leisure Agriculture to seize opportunities, the development of rural tourism and agricultural characteristic industry combined with the development of ecological characteristics of tourism industry chain, to create a series of new tourism brand in ecological tourism, leisure tours, experience in one of the fruit crop, loved by tourists. At present, has invested 300 thousand yuan to build Township interest Qinghai Hehuang folk culture exhibition hall, to assist the Tibetan medicine museum completed the work of intangible cultural heritage. In order to enhance the satisfaction of tourists, the north science and Technology Tourism Bureau to enhance the competitiveness of tourism initiatives, in the scenic area to set up the guiding signs, improve the quality of service, the service will be done fine. Not only that, in order to build a self driving tour tourist routes, north area and area in Datong County, Menyuan County and Qilian County, Shandan County formed 227 along the tourism cooperation, enhance the overall function of the regional tourism industry, realize the sharing of resources. By hosting the Strawberry Festival, festival, festival, Hot pot soil Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce Tulou view "April eight" temple fair, rural cultural festival, the flowers will delicacy and other local flavor of local culture and tourism activities, to achieve the integration of the tourism industry, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, rich tourist and cultural needs.  

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