11076 candidates will participate in adult college entrance examination

2014 adult national college entrance examination in Qinghai area in the exam will be held on October 25th -26, the province has a total area of 21, a total of 22 test sites, 494 examination room, the province will have 11076 candidates into the examination room, I will be through the monitoring platform of provincial video video site command, to monitor the room. According to the "2014 enrollment of adult higher education in Qinghai Province, the detailed rules for the implementation of" regulations, adult college enrollment types into College (hereinafter referred to as the starting point for undergraduate college), high school (hereinafter referred to as the starting point for undergraduate from the high starting point and high school or College) (hereinafter referred to as Gao qizhuan) three levels. The form of learning in school full-time, part-time and correspondence three. It is understood that the approval by the Ministry of education examination held in adult higher education in TV universities, colleges and universities, Career Technical College, correspondence school of higher schools and colleges, farmers Management Cadre Institute of education, the independent college staff and belongs to (after) teaching hospital (hereinafter referred to as the adult college) are the implementation of a unified national enrollment.  

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