Do a good job in the city’s nternet publicity management

For the Internet publicity management, I do the afternoon of April 23rd, the municipal Party committee, propaganda minister, City Union president Wang Haihong chaired the Party Central Group will expand learning, the meeting invited the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister and deputy director of the provincial Internet Information Office high Yufeng made "learning important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, good network propaganda management seminars. At the meeting, Gao Yufeng from learning general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech, and strive to improve the ideological work by Internet; examine the development view; I do Internet propaganda work in these three aspects to deal with the five relations as a brilliant guidance system. The meeting pointed out that with the rapid development of information network technology, the Internet with its unique fast, interactive, global, has become the new media after newspaper, radio and television, has become a new position and a new platform for the ideological field can not be ignored. Internet publicity management is a long-term, complex systematic project, the effectiveness of the Internet publicity management is directly related to the long-term stability. The guidance to the city next to deeply understand and grasp the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, strengthen the importance and urgency of Internet publicity management, in-depth understanding of the current situation and tasks, to further promote the Internet publicity management guidance and help good. The meeting stressed that the city should conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and the Central Committee of the province, the general requirements and work arrangements, learning to master knowledge and skills related to the Internet, new situation and new tasks facing the Internet propaganda and management, analysis of the problem, grasp the law, to adapt to the characteristics, measures in height the political sense of responsibility, solid and effective to do the Internet promotion and management, ensure the correct guidance to the work in the field of ideology, and strive to create a good public opinion environment for the city’s economic and social development.  

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