City Health Bureau quickly started the global system cleaning fires campaign

to do a good job in the current fire safety work, to further deepen the fire safety inspection, regulation, promotion, training and training activities, effectively prevent and curb serious fire accidents, ensure that the global system of fire situation remained stable, recently, the City Health Bureau to make arrangements, the use of nearly 5 months time is divided into three stages in the global system to carry out cleaning fires campaign work.
"in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the battle against fire", the establishment of the Xining Municipal Health Bureau cleaning fires campaign headquarters, responsible for cleaning fires campaign organization, coordination and guidance, to ensure that the measures implemented. Formulated the "Xining Municipal Health Bureau to deepen the fire safety of the" Big Five "activities carried out cleaning fires campaign work program", a clear goal, clear campaign scope, focus on remediation, implementation steps and requirements. Through a comprehensive investigation in recent years did not conduct fire inspection and investigation and remediation areas and sites, flammable chemicals, hyperbaric oxygen, oxygen and other flammable storage equipment and personnel intensive; emergency department and hospital, physical examination, accreditation, office and other places and underground construction, in the construction of dormitory construction sites, and other effects the unit of public fire safety areas and parts. Focus on remediation of all medical and health units of fire safety system, fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan has not formulated or not implemented; fire facilities and fire safety signs are not required with or failure; building fire damaged facilities, Guan Ting, paralysis and blocked evacuation routes and the safety exit and locking automatic fire facilities operating personnel without training without certificate, unit of fire safety "four abilities" are not implemented; electrical line laying is not in conformity with the provisions, not the organization to carry out fire inspection inspections, fire drills and fire safety education and training of workers, the whole comprehensive treatment to remove all types of fire hazards, to achieve "the health unit investigation rate of 100%, to identify the fire hazard rate of 100%, the general rate of fire hazard rectification 100%, the general fire accidents decreased significantly, effectively curb the over large fire accidents, and resolutely put an end to Campaign targets for heavy fire.
with cleaning fires campaign was sounded, will deepen the Municipal Health Bureau of fire safety system of the "Big Five" activities, effectively prevent and reduce the fire, to ensure that the global system of fire situation remained stable.

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