3 new spray dust suppression vehicles

recently, in the West District of the streets everywhere can see the dust suppression spray car similar in dust, it is understood that the introduction of this new type of spraying dust car for the west area of dust proof dry work and achieved good results.

it is understood that because I belong to the northern city, especially in winter, the air is dry and dusty, and the sprinkler for daily use only on the surface of the dust cleaning, add ice in winter water easily, so difficult to deal with urban dust suppression. This car is spraying dust by water into water in the form of direct atmospheric dust suppression sprinkler, it is impossible to do, and the introduction of this machine is relatively free of labor. Spray dust dust suppression effect is excellent and the car not only saves time and effort, the citizens are praising it as the city’s "humidifier". It is understood that in January this year, the west district has introduced a total of 3 spray dust suppression vehicles, the stage for all the main roads in the region to dust work, and achieved good results.

reporter from the West District Urban Management Bureau of sanitation department learned that, since the air pollution control work, Chengxi District Urban Management Bureau to strictly implement the pollution control system, first introduced the 11 mechanical sweeper, including wet and dry road sweeper, wet sweeper and multifunctional waterwheel in the city streets are effective dust suppression work. In addition, 109 National Road has been the difficulty of pollution control, for the West District Urban Management Bureau specifically mobilized the 36 cleaners, all-weather duty cleaning. By sweeping, cleaning, supervision and other aspects of the full implementation of this 10.6 km long heavy pollution zone finally saw the blue sky.


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