First press conference highlights four changes

1 16 in the morning, the six meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress held the first press conference, the theme of the conference is: "four change" development ideas to further promote and implement the "four major solid" requirements. The entire conference from content to form new ideas one after another, outside the province has attracted 28 media, more than 80 journalists focus on Ecological Province Province, province, national unity and progress into the national overall development and implementation of ecological production and living in the virtuous cycle of major theme.

the event of a change in the Bureau leaders in "the" release of the Convention, Henan Mongolian Autonomous County, Haidong Industrial Park, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and other areas and units of the released people boarded the release units, to display the "development ideas, NPC and CPPCC for base layer, good wind more pragmatic. Henan Mongolian Autonomous County Party Secretary Han Hua is the first county-level leadership over the years go on "NPC and CPPCC" Taiwan news release, he vividly introduced Henan county to promote the coordination of ecological protection, economic development, improving people’s livelihood, realize the practice of economic and social development with the natural carrying capacity of harmony, interdependent and promote. He said excitedly, "four change" development ideas from the requirements of farmers and herdsmen single planting, breeding and ecological care to ecological production changes a virtuous cycle of life, Henan county to explore a perfect interpretation of the idea of science.

around the Wang Jianjun acting governor made the "government work report", the publication unit issued wonderful pragmatic: National Park Management Bureau of Sanjiang source introduced 11 key work China 7 highlights of the first central straight national park construction process and continue to promote the construction of Ecological Province in Qinghai show, the spirit of ecological province from the small population in Haibei Prefecture; state to national unity and progress, towards efforts, attracted the attention of the media; the provincial development and Reform Commission and Haidong Industrial Park respectively from the surface, showing the Qinghai actively integrate into the national development strategy, and actively explore the look out of Qinghai Qinghai.


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