Do you set off firecrackers this Spring Festival

PM2.5 rise, haze generated…… In recent years, the pollution caused by setting off firecrackers has become the focus of public attention. Whether setting off firecrackers has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years. With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, many people choose to put or set off firecrackers in the spring festival. "Do you set off firecrackers this year?" Became popular with friends and relatives, the popular words.Although

said that setting off firecrackers will make the year more flavor, but the atmospheric environment pollution is not to be ignored. Accompanied by firecrackers and fireworks bombing, PM2.5 becomes more rich, carbon monoxide, ozone has become the culprit. See this result, many people will make a choice between the turbid air and fresh air. The Spring Festival is coming soon, in order to achieve remarkable results in the comprehensive management of the atmosphere, to create a good living environment for the public, the environmental protection department to appeal to the public during the Spring Festival as little as possible or put off firecrackers.

put and put people tangled

set off firecrackers, in order to inherit the tradition, is to let the taste of the year is more adequate, but not to set off firecrackers, in order to protect the environment, in order to benefit future generations. It is often difficult for the public to set off firecrackers. Once, regardless of weddings, or open the door down, people have to fireworks entertainment, fireworks during the Spring Festival is a custom. However, the attendant security issues, especially in recent years, the problem of air pollution, but also allow the public to re-examine this custom.

city environmental protection department monitoring data show that a large number of fireworks will dramatically increase the concentration of PM2.5, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases in the air, seriously affecting people’s health.

more than half of the public initiatives do not put

interview, the reporter found that, perhaps because of environmental problems and everyone’s life and health are closely related, compared with a few years ago, the public to put on or put off firecrackers in the acceptance of the increase. "I think the air quality is more important than the atmosphere of the new year." Mr. Pang said the public. Similarly, the public Ms. Tang said, this year, I use the form of less firecrackers, in previous years to put 2000 firecrackers, and this year is down to 500. This is for the taste, but also reduce the impact on the environment." In the interview, the majority of the people in the Spring Festival will be put on or off firecrackers.

reporter learned that, not long ago, the city environmental protection bureau also issued a proposal to the four districts and counties of the environmental protection department, hope that through our joint efforts to create a good environment for Xining.


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